The wheels on the bus

So I take the bus to work everyday now. It’s an intercounty bus, which essentially means it’s huge, very tall with cushy seats.

Pros: I now spend approx $55 commuting instead of the previous $250 + oil changes once a month.

Cons: there are some interesting.. Characters I guess you could say. Nonetheless most of them are quite entertaining and are probably a large part of my inspiration for blogging.

I get about two hours of uninterrupted people watching. And so the story begins. Let me introduce you to some of the ‘regulars’.

I think my favorite and focus for today will be who I refer to as the super snorer. This elderly gentleman gets on at the second stop everyday. He’s got his apple earbuds in before he boards as to not be bothered with the morning chatter of the riders. I’m extremely intrigued by what he’s listening to.. For the simple fact that he is asleep before we even reach the freeway, which is less than a 5 min ride. Whatever he’s got going on in those buds puts him to sleep faster than any baby I’ve rocked to sleep. Magical I say. You may be wondering how I know he’s actually asleep and not just resting his eyes/relaxing. Well, if the occasional jarring head drops weren’t a clue, the snoring unquestionably answers the question. In short you could measure this man’s snores on a richter scale.. His chair shakes, and often the one next to him. I’m on high alert that at any point he’s going to choke.. On something and stop breathing. Hopefully if that happens, staff from the medical plaza will be aboard. Ha.. Oh and last week, his phone was sitting in his lap RINGING, like the old fashion telephone ring. It had to be on the highest volume because every single person started looking around with that peeved “what-the-heck-someone-answer-that” look. Super snorer- dead asleep. Not even the slightest notice that he was the one interrupting the quiet morning ride.

Magical- I want whatever’s in those earbuds.


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