The labor of love

Ohhh moving.

This weekend was my last trek down the 405 [for a while]. Dawson had training all day fri-sun, so I had some me/napping/shopping time. San Diego has some great shopping.

I also did some packing. Maybe it’s just that he has a lot less misc items, but it was 42768492 times easier to pack his stuff up than mine.

Ha, but I’ve decided that deflating a queen size air mattress by yourself is pretty high on the list of awkward things I’ve done. [oh and its not one of the small floor ones, it’s like triple high] You’re spreading your limbs in a million directions and balancing your weight..Trying not to fall, a lot like twister. And still getting swallowed by the sticky plastic. I don’t recommend this task to people with claustrophobia [mom].

The air mattress task probably added to the soreness. I feel like after moving you’re sore in muscles you didn’t even realize you had. Nothing a warm shower can’t fix.

So, now Dawson lives in Ventura and it’s wonderful. God is always blessing us, opening doors and providing what we never thought possible.

Look for opportunities to serve, pray for others, be kind to each other.


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