Well I really struck out on bus seating today. I get on at the first stop so it’s always chance about who sits next to/around me. Today, unfortunately quite unlucky.

There’s a kid behind me, and by kid i mean probably 18/19 year old with the mentality of a 2nd grader. For the entire duration of my morning ride I’ve been trying to drown out his offensive rap music with my freshly downloaded acapella tracks. You know when someone around you is listening to music at an unhealthy level.. Blasting through their headphones so all you hear is a steady beat and slur of muffled words and sounds. Well it’s like that, only sans headphones so everyone around can understand the garbage.. In case that’s unclear, yes he’s been playing his music directly off of his phone for 40 minutes. And kicking the back of my seat.

Lucky for him it’s Friday and I’m working on kindness today. Maybe I’ll bring him my old headphones. Take a hint.


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