What season is this anyway?

Just this weekend I finally gave up wishing for a warm summer day and it’s around 75 both Saturday and Sunday. No marine layer or cloudy night, just clear and beautiful!! I had to take my car to the shop which is conveniently across the street from the beach. I had a nice time sitting in the sun and drawing in the sand.

Today however I’m back to confusion. Cold, cloudy dark morning, sunny, but windy..? I’ve just settled on the fact that instead of having actual seasons here, we just go through a few of them each day. DRESS IN LAYERS. [hate that] who wants to carry a jacket when it decides to be warm out? Annoying.

The only reliable element in my daily routine is that our office is ALWAYS freezing, everyday no matter what. The idiots who own our building run the ac all day, everyday. We’ve already complained that our office feels like a meat locker and so they sent out an ac guy (great!) he reaches up to one of the vents and looking puzzled says “oh you already closed it? Then I guess my job here is done” So that was the end of that. Apparently the temperature is taken in the hallway, where there arent any vents or windows. I mentioned in a follow up email that we leave the windows open all day to let the ac air out with no reply. So I stockpile jackets, hot chocolate and a blanket at my desk.

Lately, the bus has been rather uneventful. Lol although right now I’m mentally dousting the guy in front of me with febreeze bc he smells like smoke and dirt. Gross.

Dawson and I are busy being happily ever after right now, enjoying the simple pleasures of a non-long-distance relationship.. Watching tv, (not on skype! Haha) shopping, church. It’s wonderful.

He loves his job at apple and I enjoy hearing all the funny customer stories. He’s really good with people and has such a heart for helping people and understanding exactly what they want. It’s working out really well, and weekly lunch dates are a welcomed break in the day.

This weekend we are trekking up to Tracy then Oroville for grandma’s funeral. I’m so thankful he gets to come with me. He’ll get to see a little of norcal and meet some of the fam. Not exactly the preferred circumstances but you work with what you’ve got. Ill be very grateful for his support through this too. And joe’s flying in so it’ll be the first time we’ve all been together since my graduation.

Tonights our ladies bible class. Looking forward to some good prayer and discussion on “Captivating” 🙂


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