Little ball of sickness

WordPress has formatting! sweet. this could be fun

whiiiiiirlwind weekend whew. Breathe.

We got to go to apple headquarters and dropped some cash at the company store. I have a black scoop neck shirt with an apple logo. I’ve been welcomed into the apple family. Woot. I’m super bummed that we didn’t get a pic of me, joe and Dan in our black apple gear. #nerdherd

Saturday grandmas memorial went well. I misssss her a lot. We used to email a lot. That’s right, my grandma emailed me. Allll the time with fancy stationary and fonts. I’m planning on printing and assembling all her emails to me into a nice keepsake book. One of the last conversations I had with her was about her grandmother. She said that her grandmother was part of a different sort of generation and never really expressed her love for her grandkids and that she wanted me to know how proud she was of me. She wanted to be a kind loving grandmother that you could go to for anything and she was all of that and more. I loved when she used to mail cookies to me at Pepperdine. She always sent extras to share with my suitemates yum yum yum!! Saturday was a lot of remembering happy memories but sad that she won’t be there to make more.

Sunday we went to church in Dublin and introduced Dawson to my NorCal church family. It was fun and he looked so handsome. Poor guy was such a trooper.. Dying from a cold on top of everything. Drove home and unpacked. Thankfully, I took Monday off because I came down with his cold Sunday night. Sososo sick 😦 I’m getting a lot better but still don’t feel great.

I’m really excited for tomorrow. It’s his birthday! And he’s excited to work the launch for the new iPhone. Saturday he’s off so we’re planning a play date. Ready to have some fun after all the craziness of the past few weeks.


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