Here are a few of my favorite things

Inspired by that Oprah special that comes on around Christmas time I’m dedicating this entry to five of my I-doubt-I-could-live-without things. [however, not in any particular order] I also reserve the right to expand on this list of five.

1. Camelbak- I rarely drink soda or juice. Ima drink water all day long kinda girl. So camelbak has been a great addition. In case you’re not familiar with the greatness.. Look it up. Essentially a BPA free 20 something oz bottle with a sucky top. Tricky because you bite the top then suck. There’s a straw down the middle yadayada. not good for you people that have problems multitasking. I drink a lot more water than out of a regular bottle because, well I guess it’s more fun..? Not quite sure, but give it a shot! Its with me all day everyday. One of my friends actually asked me if it was an OCD thing that I had to have it lol. No it’s not. It’s just a better way to hydrate.

2. Zipfizz- so in exception to water, I drink Zipfizz. It’s a tube of powder that you mix with water. It’s the “healthy” energy. Whether or not it’s healthy I’m not exactly sold, but it is full of all kinds of vitamins, which I can’t say for red bull/monster etc. it’s convenient in its little tubes and a tonload cheaper than buying traditional energy drinks. It’s around $28 at costco for a box of 30 tubes and I use around half a tube per 20oz of water. Unless its a rough day, then I’ll be daring and use a full tube. I love it because I don’t get shaky/jitters/feel like my heart is going to work itself to death. It’s tasty and gives me a boost of energy without the crash. It’s my magic juice. Deliciousness.

important side note: do not mix objects 1 & 2. zipfizz molds your camelback top if you don’t wash it out within a day or so. I’m really bad about just filling it up with water again after I finish a zipfizz instead of washing it out. So now I’ve got a creepy black rim on the inside of my sipper. I soaked it in bleach for a while so I think I’m in the clear.

3. Burt’s Bees chapstick- i feel like having a good solid Chapstick in your purse/pocket at all times is a must. This stuff super wins. It’s minty, smooth, moisturizing goodness. It’s always more expensive than every other option but I assure you it’s worth it. I think the mint-ness is the selling point. Cooling and sorta covers that pepper/garlic pizza odor from today’s lunch. My only irk about it.. It melts super easy, so steer clear of dryers and hot vehicles. Lucky for me the temp never gets above 75 here :/ problem solved.

4. Boudin- ahhhh bread. My favorite food group. I’m a strong believer that bread can make or break a meal.. Sandwiches, bread bowls, rolls. Good bread makes all the difference and this tops the charts! Boudin was born in good ol NorCal of course, San Francisco to be exact. It’s the best sourdough bread I’ve come across, and I’ve done my fair share of taste testing. It’s soft and a little bubbly inside and crunchy sour on the outside.. Toasted, buttered, filled with soup, Boudin takes the cake. Unfortunately the closest bakery to me is in orange county. I may just snag a loaf next time I go home.. And now my mouth is watering.

5. – continuing on my food love. I stumbled upon this blog after google searching for a recipe for coconut shrimp. (which turned out AWESOME) Adrianna is great. She posts recipes every couple days complete with cutesy pictures of whatever she’s making. I’m on her blog multiple times a day. It makes me want to stay home and cook all day every day. She’s got a super strong, fun writers voice and awesome recipes. Highly recommended reading.

Happy week 🙂 stay tuned for a Halloween update. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good year in the carving dept.


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