Catch up!

Well I’ve been waiting to write this Halloween blog so I could add the pictures but this app isn’t cooperating. So I’ll have to get them up soon!

The pumpkins turned out great. We carved them on Halloween after work. I did an angry birds picture and Dawson did an apple. Lots of pumpkin gut mess to clean up, but we had a good time. He helped with some of the hard, small corners because I’m not too experienced in the carving business. No sliced fingers or hands so I call it a success!

Since then I’ve been gearing up for thanksgiving and Christmas, which included getting a dining room set!! We looked and looked and I had decided I was going to get a table from target, but I wasn’t super thrilled about it, and the box wouldn’t fit in my car. That night Dawson went to another store in town and found the perfect table at a steal of a deal! And it was already assembled, win! So now I have a really nice table for turkey day.

My parents will be here in a week. I’m excited for them to come stay with me. They are bringing the dogs too!! Going to be quite a party. Can’t wait for all the goodies. I’m sure we’ll be doing tons of Christmas shopping too. Lots of thanksgiving sales. I can’t believe it’s like a month away. I’m still trying to decide what to do about when to go home and everything. Bleh decisions.

We got our flight booked to Texas after a small mishap… Meaning I booked our return flight a day early. Thankfully we were able to cancel the tickets with no penalty and book new ones that were $20 cheaper and a nonstop flight! Yayay happy day.

The snoring man with his earbuds is behind me today lol. Sounds like a thunderstorm. my newest addiction